Custom Web development

custom web dev

With over 20 years of experience in web application development, database, and interface design, we create secure, reliable and efficient web applications that meet your specific needs while having a unique and responsive design so that they are usable by everyone and on all media devices (computer, tablet, mobile).

Our developers, designers and architects are ready to help you build a web application that fits well with the growth of your business. All web solutions we develop are innovative, flexible, durable, and easily editable.

Your project in 5 steps:

Step 1: Meeting

During our first meeting, the objective is to understand and define your company needs.

Step 2: Analysis and planning

We will analyze your situation, propose a solution that best suits your expectations and your existing environment and develop an implementation plan to meet all your deadlines.

Step 3: Design and development

During the realization of the project, you will participate in the validation of the different steps: prototype, design, ergonomics, functionalities.

Step 4: Launch

We will take care of hosting, setting your website online, configurating, and managing the domain name.

Step 5: User support

We will provide you with a personalized support email and a 1-800 phone number dedicated to all user requests.
With our expertise in the healthcare field, IRISEF can design and develop your healthcare (medical, pharmaceutical, etc.) applications while considering privacy, security and compliance.