Online course platforms (LMS)


Learning Platforms incorporate e-learning principles as well as an excellent performance tracking and assessment tool.
Our multi-device approach (computer, tablet and mobile) is designed to meet your educational needs, budgetary requirements, and learner preferences.


  • Animations – Animations can be added to the presentation to better communicate concepts, ideas, and processes.
  • Case studies – The case-based teaching method allows for more interesting and interactive training for your participants.
  • Narratives – Narration of e-learning content helps increase retention rates.
  • Quizzes and tests – Test results are captured for detailed user reports.
  • Tracking – Unique user IDs allow tracking of participants’ progress through the module.
  • Certificates – Certificates can be automatically generated and sent to participants confirming completion of the program.
  • Web statistics – Reports detailing metrics such as time spent on the website and number of visits can be used to measure the interest generated by a program.

Over 20 years of expertise in continuing medical education and healthcare ensures the quality and success of our interactive platforms and allows for the measurement of competency and performance improvement.