This course is designed to provide information on how to adopt and integrate telehealth or telemedicine technologies including Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Isolation Communication Management System (iSOCOMS) to manage emerging pathogens.

Telemedicine, when used to care for patients hospitalized with a highly infectious pathogen, represents an important new use of technology.

Course Highlights

  1. Emerging infectious disease represents an ongoing threat to the health and livelihood of people everywhere.
  2. With the spread of emerging pathogens, telehealth or telemedicine technologies are being implemented to:
    1. Reduce the risk of exposure
    2. Universal protection
    3. Personal protective equipment
    4. Proper disposal
    5. Handwashing
    6. Improve access and efficiencies
    7. Support both patients and healthcare providers in isolation
    8. Improve educational opportunities
    9. Enable surveillance
    10. Enhance safety and quality control
    11. Promote conservation of personal protective equipment