Healthcare data center and cloud solutions

healthcare datacenter

Healthcare data and hosting solutions are an essential component of a safe and effective healthcare system. IRISEF is conscious of the challenges related to confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, and offers a range of resilient, scalable cloud solutions.

Through Microsoft Azure for Healthcare, IRISEF helps guarantee the end-to-end security, compliance, and accessibility of healthcare data.

Azure Virtual Datacenter is a way to think about deploying your application estate in a cloud-based architecture while preserving key aspects of your current IT governance and taking advantage of cloud computing’s agility.
There are very real, underlying differences between hosting in the cloud and running in a traditional datacenter.

Achieving the level of governance in the cloud environment that you experience in a traditional datacenter requires a sound understanding of why you do what you do today, and how that is achieved in Azure.
Unlike your existing on-premises datacenter environment, the Azure public cloud operates using shared physical infrastructure and a software-defined environment abstraction.

The Azure Virtual Datacenter model allows you to structure isolated workloads in the Azure multitenant environment that meet your governance policies.
Governing your workloads requires integrating management processes, regulatory requirements, and security processes within a cloud environment. The Azure Virtual Datacenter model provides basic guidance for creating an organization’s separation of roles, responsibilities, and policies in the cloud.